Thursday, January 19, 2006

D2L Problems

... which is why we have Plan B.

Your Friday assignment: E-mail me at either or with the following information --
  • A photo
  • A brief summary of your life thus far
  • Goals for the class
  • What you want to be when you grow up

Remember that Friday assignments are due by the following Monday's class period.

To play fair, I'll answer the questions.

This is me with one of my best friends, Jess. We met at graduate school and realized that we must have been twins or sisters in a previous lifetime. There is only one other teacher on this planet that can rival my enthusiasm and energy and it is Jess.

I taught myself how to read when I was three; I wrote my first story when I was four. My book, Power Plays, was published in 2001 and other essays, poems, and short stories have been published since then in literary journals. I've taught English for almost five years.

Life is meant to be fun, so I supercharge my classes with it. My hope is that everyone will have fun, but improve writing as well.

However, my time as a teacher is short-lived, since George Clooney will be knocking on my door any minute to buy my screenplays. I've already turned down a job offer from Brad Pitt (and you thought I was joking), but who can say no to George? Therefore, my lifetime goal is to fly to fun locations for a few days, then fly home and write in my lovely office that overlooks the cornfields and oak trees.